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Should you lease to a cannabis business?

Are you thinking about leasing some property to a business that deals in cannabis?

If so, there are a few key points that you want to keep in mind when dealing with this potentially lucrative business:

5 common zoning ordinances explained

Zoning is a means of dividing up land into separate areas for specific purposes or development types in a way that keeps the individual areas detached, meaning it would be improbable that land zoned for schools would be next to property zoned for aircraft manufacturing.

Zoning originated in New York City in 1916 as a way to help with urban planning and development in such a densely populated city. The practice has been widely adopted throughout the nation, particularly in large urban locations.

Cell tower lease agreement issues

If you agree to rent your land out to be used by a cell tower company, you're signing a very unusual sort of lease. For one thing, you're going to sign a lease that the tenant is writing, instead of the other way around.

That means that you want to be particularly careful that you don't fall into certain traps that are commonly slanted to favor the company over time. It's often wise to have a lease reviewed by someone experienced in commercial real estate before you commit to any agreement.

Is your gym social-media ready?

When your customers are ready to “get swole” (work on fitness) they’re going to want access to social media to share their workout routines and successes. A quick browse through the #fitness hashtag on Instagram shows exercise enthusiasts posing with workout equipment, on machines or outdoors. Our ever-growing need for connection and social sharing doesn’t end when we start sweating.

Once you’ve chosen a commercial property to lease for your new facility, one of the first things you should work on is establishing good cell coverage. Here are a few tips for providing the coverage your clientele needs on your property.

Negotiating a commercial real estate lease: What to know

Commercial leases do not usually follow a standard arrangement. Rather, the terms of commercial leases can vary widely depending on the real estate market. In a hot rental market, for example, the property owner may have the upper hand in negotiations. In a stagnant market, the renter may have more power.

That’s why it is common for both parties to negotiate the terms of a commercial lease. When negotiating a commercial real estate lease, there are a few important things to take into consideration.

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