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California eyes major zoning law changes

Some areas of California are running out of space for housing developments, and industry leaders and politicians are thinking that it's time for some drastic changes.

However, those changes may spell the end of local controls over zoning regulations in the name of the greater good.

Commercial leases call for attorney advocacy

Embarking on the search for the perfect commercial property to lease is more than about finding the right location for your business. Here are some important points that an attorney can make you aware of that can make an impact on your lease agreement.

Go Beyond the Starting Line

Frequently asked questions: Legal marijuana and renters

With the growing legal acceptance of marijuana on a state-by-state basis, there's a lot of confusion about how the owners of multi-unit rentals need to address the issue.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about rental properties and marijuana in states like California:

How can you handle a zoning problem?

Finding just the right property for your business needs can be exceptionally frustrating.

You can find the perfect piece of land or building -- but if the zoning restrictions are wrong, you can't make use of it. And those perfect places can be few and far apart.

Bad real estate deal lands Taylor Swift in lawsuit

Even the rich and famous can end up in trouble when a real estate agreement goes south.

A real estate company is suing the firms that represent pop icon Taylor Swift. At issue is whether or not the firms gave a specific agent the exclusive right to sell the singer a piece of New York property she wanted. Famous individuals like Swift often go through intermediary companies to purchase real estate. It's the only way they can avoid paying artificially inflated property values once the sellers get wind of who wants the property.

Ask for a better lease for your gym

How much room you have to negotiate your gym lease depends a lot on who has leverage -- and how much of it -- in the situation.

You'll obviously have more room to negotiate for what you want if you have great credit or there are a lot of open commercial properties available. However, you won't get anything if you are too afraid to negotiate. In order to get the best available lease for your gym, below are three important and highly negotiable matters to address.

How commercial real estate attorneys help new business owners

Commercial rental agreements are nothing like residential rental agreements -- they're vastly more complicated and something that many new business owners are unprepared to navigate on their own.

In addition, commercial leases aren't granted the protections guaranteed under the law to those taking out a residential lease -- business professionals are generally expected to fend for themselves. If you get stuck in a bad deal, you're generally stuck with that bad deal -- even if it's grossly unfair.

Should I choose a neighborhood with a homeowners association?

California is home to some of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the world. Many of these neighborhoods, particularly in newer suburbs or planned unit developments, are maintained by a homeowners association (HOA). If you are house-hunting, you may be wondering whether you should purchase a home in a neighborhood that has an HOA.


What's the difference between mineral rights and surface rights?

Most people assume that when they buy a piece a land they're buying ownership in "fee simple," meaning that the deed includes everything on it and under it as well. However, that may not be the case if the property happens to be located in an area where there are often significant underground resources.

Surface property rights include the right to build on the land and farm it. Mineral rights, on the other hand, include the right to mine the property for oil, gas and precious minerals like gold and silver. These two rights can be severed and sold (or willed and inherited) independent of each other.

Can I set up a pot dispensary in Beverly Hills?

While setting up a medical marijuana dispensary in many parts of California may be legal to do, that's not the case in the city of Beverly Hills. The City Council made it illegal to do so at a meeting on August 8, 2017.

Resolution No. 1813 is the latest legislation that has been drafted on the matter. It further clarifies previously drafted ordinances regarding the legality of setting up commercial cannabis operations in the city.

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